Episode 000 – Introducing Road to Relovery

Road to Relovery Tavinda Media

From blog to podcast, this is Road to Relovery…

This bi-weekly podcast is focused on empowering women in the midst of overcoming unexpected emotional trauma, like loss. Sometimes loss shows up as death, a break-up, a divorce, or even an awakening to something greater, where for the future to thrive, the past must die. 

Join us on this journey — each of us on our own unique road to relovery. 

Hosted by Octavia Reese


“I started the Road to Relovery blog after one particularly throwing post-divorce romantic endeavor. I had to learn how to date again in this weird swiping world I wasn’t prepared for the disposability of people and affection. I was easily replaceable. I was quickly forgettable. I was crushed. So I started writing about it. And the response was inspiring. The more I opened up about my own struggles and growing pains, the more I learned I wasn’t in this alone – I was part of a secret sisterhood of silently suffering beauties – women smothered by expectations, crippled from emotional manipulation, exhausted by putting everyone else’s needs first and crumbling under the pressure of rejection and low self-worth. A lot of us are in that space. I still feel it too – not daily anymore, but it still bubbles up to the surface.

Like Ariana Danou wrote, ‘she made broken look beautiful…’

Road to Relovery

So now I’m taking those articles to the airwaves to keep sharing, inspiring and talking about the issues that we’re often too ashamed to vocalize.

By subscribing to this podcast, you’re going to learn a lot about me. Probably a lot more than you ever wanted to know. But hopefully my vulnerability will meet you on your own road to relovery and we can get a little healthier, a little faster, together.

We’ll approach topics ranging from divorce and dating to parenting and politics. I’ll tell you a little why the subject matters to me, why I am triggered or inspired, and what kinds of tools and information has helped me put new positive habits into practice.”

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