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What kind of relationship tenant are you?

A) Open House – ok, we can call these the Players – these are the individuals that want to walk through everything on the market with no intention to place an offer – they just want to always keep all options open.

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B) Leasing Renters – these tenants prefer long-term relationships but always move around the same time; your serial 1-2 year relationships and then get bored and move on.

C) Month to Month Renters – these tenants take everything one day-month at a time. These tenants are content and love their situation. Things are great…until they aren’t.

D) Investors – these are your traditional contract-seeking lifers. They want to spend time seeking out the best match for them and make the one-time decision and legacy for the good, the bad, the gutting and the rehabbing.

Here’s a hilarious article on The Hard Times that is all about the Bs.

I personally am a C; I look at month to month commitment kind of like alcoholics anonymous and their approach sobriety. You don’t jump into an addition cessation program saying, starting today I’m never going to touch this thing ever again forever and ever amen! No – you take it one day at a time. You say, ok I’m going to make it one hour without indulging in this vice. Ok, wow it’s been three hours. Ok, I’m going to make it for the rest of the day. And then you celebrate that day. And then the next day. And the next.

I found a lovely poem about it, too. This is from a blog called Sober Julie.

It’s also important to learn how the type of tenant you are can cause issues in your relationship:

  1. If you don’t know what type of tenant you are…
  2. If you are ashamed of what type of tenant you are.
  3. If you changed your mind about what type of tenant you are.

There’s a HUGE amount of risk in being honest – and that one huge risk is rejection. No one wants to feel the stabbing pain of dismissal and heartache and disgust for being vulnerable. That’s why vulnerability is difficult –its risky. Its uncomfortable. But that’s also what its needed to make a good and lasting relationship work. Know yourself. Name your desires and your needs. Don’t settle.

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