Octavia Reese Bhairavi Shera Road to Relovery Trauma Rama

CONTENT WARNING: This episode is talking about trauma – you may hear some topics that are triggering or uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, please turn us off for five seconds and come back, or listen to this episode at another time.

We all have trauma, we all have baggage and wounds and reasons to build up walls. We all want to feel safe and secure and once we’ve been hurt, we develop a reflex to protect ourselves. I know I absolutely have. I have momma trauma. Daddy trauma. Black token trauma. And romantic emotional trauma. I’m going to jump right into that last one because this show is mostly about matters of the heart.

Mutlidimensional healer Bhairavi Shera joins me on this episode of Road to Relovery to talk about trauma — what is it and how do we heal from it.

“Take a Sacred Pause. Become the receiver of information rather than the defender of disempowerment.”

What trauma still haunts you and affects your relationships today?

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