Episode 4: Collective Son Son

This week feels like two great shows in one — the first 30 minutes is a road trip of weekly goals; the second 30 minutes is a true talk corner about radically loving yourself, being an intentional friend and making it through the tough times plus the sweet times with your Creative Circle of Support. Who’s in your Creative Circle of Support?


One Dreamy Brother

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Dreams, the stories our brains tell us when we are a captive sleeping audience, can be haunting, hilarious, disturbing, terrifying, arousing, satisfying or just plain weird. Do dreams hold suppressed truths or cryptic messages from beyond? Or are they just flashes of memories dancing their way across our mind’s stage and into our brain’s nightly trash bin?

Today, I’m going to tell you how one boy’s dreams nearly got him killed and how other people’s dreams brought him back to life.

One Dreamy Brother and the cello accompaniment are written and produced by Octavia Reese for Tavinda Media.

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Sweet Dreams.

Episode 3: A Bucket Full of Starts

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In Episode 3, Nan and Octavia introduce a much-needed sound upgrade, talk about their top ten Stalled episodes, reveal the mother of magic and discuss how to keep writing in the face of rejection.

Dream – Premiers Sept 24 2018

Do you dream? Some say dreams are a series of random brain signals that turn into images and sensations in our minds. Others claim our suppressed urges and desires boldly rise to the surface when we’re unconscious. And some are confident dreams are simply the trash compactor of our unneeded memories; the nightly clear browsing data routine of our brains. But ages ago, people believed dreams were a link to the supernatural – a gateway of information between spirits and the living world. Are dreams premonitions and messages from beyond? Or are they meaningless memory data overflow? Join Octavia Reese for Dream, a podcast about the stories our brains tell us when we are a sleeping captive audience.

Dream premiers Monday September 24. Look for it on iTunes or where you find your podcasts.

dream podcast tavinda media


Ok, we knew our sound quality on Stalled wasn’t that great, but we didn’t realized it was THAT BAD. Well, luckily for all of us, we’ve updated our equipment and for Episode 3, coming out tomorrow, we’re blasting your ears with a whole new and improved sound.

Plus, tune in later this week for a new exciting announcement.

Stalled podcast Tavinda Media

Episode 2: Drink Me & Eat Me Signs Everywhere

stalled podcast episode 2 tavinda media

Nan & Octavia get vulnerable about the recurring fear and self-doubt in writing and surprise each other with a new challenge.

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Episode 1: Sweet Grapes

Stalled podcast episode 1

In the pilot episode of Stalled., Nan and Octavia introduce the inspiration for the Stalled., share their current writing projects and recent milestones, and remind each other — and listeners — that the process doesn’t have to be fast for you to be successful.


Dear Perfectionists… — Octavia Reese

I’m fortunate to belong to a sister-fren-hood of writers. We are each other’s go-to idea banks for all-hours sounding boards; ever-ready moralers for milestone celebrations and we are reality-checks for middle-of-the-night visits from The Ghost of Low Self-Esteem and her evil hench-spirit, The You’re Not Good Enough Imp. I was just talking to my sister […]

via Dear Perfectionists… — Octavia Reese


Stalled start

Well, what can we expect besides everything being complicated and nothing being simple? That’s basically the premise of the show anyway!

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Stalled Season 1 Teaser


Meet Nan and Octavia. They’re two published authors. And they aspire to become NYT best-selling authors. This is their rocky, twisty, indirect, overgrown obstacle course to get there. They haven’t made it yet, but they will. Follow them on their quest to the top.

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