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The life and times of two wannabe best-selling authors

TFW you’re at the bottom of that mountain and everyday is an uphill climb, teetering on cliffs of quitting, dodging avalanches of self-doubt and then scrambling to find refuge from the unexpected deluge of rejection letters… yeah, this is that.

Octavia Reese and Nan Higgins are both published authors eagerly working towards a life made through creating best-sellers…or something close to it.

Join them on their adventure to a life made in creative writing. They’re unedited and kinda funny.

Plus Ultra: The My Hero Podcast

Companion Podcast to My Hero Academia

Plus Ultra: The My Hero Podcast is a companion podcast for the hit anime My Hero Academia, known as Boku No Hero Academia in Japan. Listen to hosts Rob Fury, Steggy Stardust and The Tinman dissect My Hero episodes and discuss key plot points, easter eggs, rumors, theories and more.

Road to Relovery

Regroup, reboot, rebuild…and you too can flourish

From blog to podcast, this is Road to Relovery

This bi-weekly podcast is focused on empowering women in the midst of overcoming unexpected emotional trauma, like loss. Sometimes loss shows up as death, a break-up, a divorce, or even an awakening to something greater, where for the future to thrive, the past must die.

Join us on this journey — each of us on our own unique road to relovery.


Decoding the stories we don’t control

Visions manifest in the subconscious. Are they messages from beyond to help us or warn us or just memories and fears implanted by life? Dreams and their interpretations used to change history, but this supernatural art has been forgotten…or has it?

grls do that [coming soon!]

What doesn’t your mommy do?

Each episode, grls do that interviews career women and gender non-binary folks all over the world doing all sorts of things. We’ll see engineers, teachers, bakers, doctors, midwives, lawyers, artists, construction workers, environmental specialists, archivists and more. Our podcast is like an ongoing career fair of women and GNB doing amazing work and inspiring the next generation of non-male leaders.

Again! Again! [coming soon!]

Bedtime stories, bath time stories, breakfast stories, car ride stories, story time stories…anytime stories

Anytime stories for the whole family you’ll want to listen to (and read!) again and again. Printed and illustrated publications of Again! Again! stories will be available soon at the bookstore.

And then… [coming soon!]

…you tell us!

Enjoy listening to creative fiction prompted by Tavinda Media and written by YOU — our listeners. All ages and voices welcome. Must be under 2000 words.