A Gay With Words

A Gay With Words - Nan Higgins - Tavinda Media

Bisexual. Pansexual. Aromantic. Transgender. Non-binary. Lesbian. Asexual. Gay. Demisexual. Agender. Intersex. Queer. 

These are just a few of the labels we use in our community; words that hold weight and meaning for the people who use them, and are a sign of the broad spectrum and wondrous diversity we embody.

As a writer, Nan Higgins has always been obsessed with language. She believes there may not be a clear-cut answer to the question, “Do we give words their power, or do words give power to us?”

But she wants to explore that, and many other ideas on A Gay With Words
Every culture has its own lexicon, and learning about the origins and meanings of the words we use is the beginning of acceptance and understanding ourselves and each other. 

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