The life and times of two wannabe best-selling authors.

Nan Higgins Octavia Reese Stalled PodcastThere are a lot of shows, books, blogs, videos and general media out there about how to become a successful author and make a living on book sales. And every one of those things talks down from the top, after you’ve made it and you’re lighting cigars with $100 bills. But what about when you’re still at the bottom of that mountain and everyday is an uphill climb, teetering on cliffs of quitting, dodging avalanches of self-doubt and then scrambling to find refuge from the unexpected deluge of rejection letters? What about when you kinda just run out of gas and feel …stuck? Yeah, this is that.

Octavia Reese and Nan Higgins are both published authors eagerly working towards a life made through creating best-sellers…or something close to it.

Join them on their adventure to a life made in creative writing. They’re unedited and kinda funny.

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