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Still gotta people with the people

Stalled Podcast Tavinda Media S2E2

Nan and Octavia get back to routine with weekly goals and discuss the importance of embracing your own unique timing of success. Follow us on IG: @nanhigginswrite, @octaviaaivatco, @stalledpodcast Contribute to our sheNANigans on Patreon.com/tavindamedia Correction: In this episode, Octavia said “Captain America” and she totally absolutely… Continue Reading “Still gotta people with the people”

2018 NaNo Chronicles: Day 15

2018 NaNo Day 15 Tavinda Media

November the 15th is officially DAY ONE of WEEK THREE. How are we past the hump already? Nan and Octavia reflect on a rough WEEK TWO and remind each other to be gentle with yourself and your goals. And also, they’re both behind but… Continue Reading “2018 NaNo Chronicles: Day 15”