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Get Some Business and Mind It (Part 1)

Stalled Podcast Tavinda Media S2E1.1

Nan and Octavia ARE BACK, PEACHES! We’re back at it with a killer Top 10 list where we not only throw shade at all our haters, but we actually spend about two hours talking about them. No really, it’s not just whining. How to… Continue Reading “Get Some Business and Mind It (Part 1)”

Episode 7: Aurora’s Rural Brewery

stalled podcast episode 7 tavinda media

This week was a crazy week for the blossoming best-selling authors so they bypassed their weekly goals check-in and focus on their recurring supernatural writing affirmations with a Top Ten list of Weird Shit. If you’re like Nan and Octavia and look for signs… Continue Reading “Episode 7: Aurora’s Rural Brewery”

Episode 4: Collective Son Son

This week feels like two great shows in one — the first 30 minutes is a road trip of weekly goals; the second 30 minutes is a true talk corner about radically loving yourself, being an intentional friend and making it through the tough… Continue Reading “Episode 4: Collective Son Son”

Sweet Grapes

Stalled podcast episode 1

In the pilot episode of Stalled., Nan and Octavia introduce the inspiration for the Stalled., share their current writing projects and recent milestones, and remind each other — and listeners — that the process doesn’t have to be fast for you to be successful.   https://tavindamedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Episode-1-Sweet-Grapes-UPDATED.mp3Podcast:… Continue Reading “Sweet Grapes”

Stalled start

Well, what can we expect besides everything being complicated and nothing being simple? That’s basically the premise of the show anyway! After an expectedly unexpected delay, our show is finally available on iTunes and Stitcher! Click above and please rate (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️) and subscribe and… Continue Reading “Stalled start”