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Bonus Episode 2: Nano According to Nan

bonus stalled nanowrimo tavinda media

GET EXCITED BECAUSE IT’S ANOTHER TOP TEN! In the as-promised second bonus episode, Octavia interviews Nan for a Top Ten of Nano for Newbies. National November Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is NEXT WEEK. Both Nan and Octavia are participating in NaNoWriMo this year and will be… Continue Reading “Bonus Episode 2: Nano According to Nan”

Fillimore’s Flight

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Dream, a podcast about the stories our brains tell us in our sleep, explores historic and well-known dreams. Today, however, I’m reading you a story that isn’t very well-known…yet. In fact, it’s been collecting dust in the cloud. I wrote ten years ago – it… Continue Reading “Fillimore’s Flight”

Bonus Episode 1: Bonuses Break Rules

Stalled podcast bonus episode

We talked about more important issues in our regular episode this week and didn’t get to our Top Ten Must-Haves list. But we were so excited about the list, we simply couldn’t wait another week. So we broke our own rules and here’s a mid-week special… Continue Reading “Bonus Episode 1: Bonuses Break Rules”

I Dreamed of DREAM

Introducing DREAM, the latest podcast from Tavinda Media. I’ve always been fascinated with, mystified by, and heavily sensitive to dreams. I love dreams — even the scary ones. I love how I feel when I remember them and can revisit the emotions and sensations… Continue Reading “I Dreamed of DREAM”

One Dreamy Brother

dream podcast tavinda media

Dreams, the stories our brains tell us when we are a captive sleeping audience, can be haunting, hilarious, disturbing, terrifying, arousing, satisfying or just plain weird. Do dreams hold suppressed truths or cryptic messages from beyond? Or are they just flashes of memories dancing… Continue Reading “One Dreamy Brother”

Become a Patron!


Everyone starts somewhere, and we’re here — right at ground zero. In order for us to continue creating awesome content for you, we need some help. Visit the link below to become a patron. Your monthly pledge — even just a dollar — will… Continue Reading “Become a Patron!”

Stalled and Happy

Ok, so Nan and I just recorded our first episode of Stalled last night and it was AMAZING. We have so much to talk about and share — it’s unedited and unscripted and all sorts of vulnerable real talk beauty. I was worried at… Continue Reading “Stalled and Happy”

The Journey Begins

octavia reese tavinda media authentic adventure co

This is my first blog post on my NEW COMPANY SITE [insert my own dropped jaw here] This title was the default place holder, but it seemed so fitting, I’m just going to leave it. More — so so so much more — to… Continue Reading “The Journey Begins”