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Mother's Day Road to Relovery The Slicers

Mother’s Day isn’t all flowers and breakfast in bed for all of us. It can be a day some of us would like to avoid.🌸Whether you’re a single, struggling, lost mom, had an absent or abusive mom, have a complicated and unpleasant relationship with… Continue Reading “MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL: THE SLICERS – Moxic: Toxic Moms”

Red Flags on Fire

My friend shared some quote meme this week, which read: The best dating advice I ever got from my mom was, “The signs you ignore in the beginning just end up being the reason you leave later. You know right away who’s good and… Continue Reading “Red Flags on Fire”

Butts, Farts & Raising Boys

Octavia Reese Road to Relovery Podcast Tavinda Media

People are constantly complimenting the behavior and general presence of my children. So it’s time to release my secret sauce. In this episode, I break down my parenting techniques. TLDR: I give my kids room to exist & I invite them to cooperate. I… Continue Reading “Butts, Farts & Raising Boys”