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2018 NaNo Chronicles: Day 28

2018 NaNo Day 28 Tavinda Media

Nan and Octavia come clean about a rough weeks 2 & 3 and how this November has been a real big fat stinkin doozy of a month. There’s seasonal/holiday depression, over-scheduling, slippery slopes of busyness, day jobs, and so so so many children! BUT… Continue Reading “2018 NaNo Chronicles: Day 28”

2018 NaNo Chronicles: Day 8

2018 NaNo Day 8 Stalled Tavinda

Nan and Octavia reflect on some heaviness over the last few days, and how life’s responsibilities can interfere with the artists’ visions!   REAL TALK THO AMIRITE CREATIVES CANNIGETTA AMEN. And a big shoutout to all the incredible Firsts in office, thanks to voters… Continue Reading “2018 NaNo Chronicles: Day 8”