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Top Ten Lies We Tell Ourselves PART 1

tavinda media stalled

On this episode of Stalled, Nan and Octavia list the top ten lies we tell ourselves as authors — creatives types of all kinds know about that negative internal voice that often makes you question your passion and purpose. This week, the two authors… Continue Reading “Top Ten Lies We Tell Ourselves PART 1”

Get some business and mind it (Part 2)

Stalled Podcast Tavinda Media S2E1.2

Nan and Octavia pick up where they left off in Part 1 with their list of Top Ten things to love to hate about haters. It’s ok to read that sentence again if you need to. The show is condensed for you, but enjoy… Continue Reading “Get some business and mind it (Part 2)”

Episode 10: Worldwind

Stalled Podcast Tavinda Media

We can finally talk about the thing we couldn’t talk about!

2018 NaNo Chronicles: Day 28

2018 NaNo Day 28 Tavinda Media

Nan and Octavia come clean about a rough weeks 2 & 3 and how this November has been a real big fat stinkin doozy of a month. There’s seasonal/holiday depression, over-scheduling, slippery slopes of busyness, day jobs, and so so so many children! BUT… Continue Reading “2018 NaNo Chronicles: Day 28”

2018 NaNo Chronicles: Day 15

2018 NaNo Day 15 Tavinda Media

November the 15th is officially DAY ONE of WEEK THREE. How are we past the hump already? Nan and Octavia reflect on a rough WEEK TWO and remind each other to be gentle with yourself and your goals. And also, they’re both behind but… Continue Reading “2018 NaNo Chronicles: Day 15”

2018 NaNo Chronicles: Day 4

2018 NaNo Day 4 Tavinda Media Stalled

November the 4th be with you! Nan and Octavia check in on Day 4 and report on their wins, losses, curve balls and updated expectations. And also… surprise fun with OTC cold remedies.   DAY 4 TOTAL WORDS: Nan: 7273 Octavia: 6095   Are… Continue Reading “2018 NaNo Chronicles: Day 4”

Episode 9: I swearded

stalled podcast s1e9

With all of the prep and excitement ramping up to NaNoWriMo 2018 (WHICH IS IN TWO DAYS), Nan and Octavia think about what comes next. After you complete the world’s next greatest novel this November, you need to find the best next step for… Continue Reading “Episode 9: I swearded”

Bonus Episode 2: Nano According to Nan

bonus stalled nanowrimo tavinda media

GET EXCITED BECAUSE IT’S ANOTHER TOP TEN! In the as-promised second bonus episode, Octavia interviews Nan for a Top Ten of Nano for Newbies. National November Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is NEXT WEEK. Both Nan and Octavia are participating in NaNoWriMo¬†this year and will be… Continue Reading “Bonus Episode 2: Nano According to Nan”

Episode 8: So Many Teeth

stalled episode 8 tavinda media podcasts

This week, Nan steps into the sister-therapist role and talks Octavia out of a terrible case of fear and self-doubt over her biblical fiction novel concept. The two discuss the triggers behind writer’s block, and the boldness in storytelling, especially within the context of… Continue Reading “Episode 8: So Many Teeth”

Episode 7: Aurora’s Rural Brewery

stalled podcast episode 7 tavinda media

This week was a crazy week for the blossoming best-selling authors so they bypassed their weekly goals check-in and focus on their recurring supernatural writing affirmations with a Top Ten list of Weird Shit. If you’re like Nan and Octavia and look for signs… Continue Reading “Episode 7: Aurora’s Rural Brewery”