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To Forgive or To Gaslight

To Forgive or To Gaslight Road to Relovery The Slicers

What happens when you get a group of fierce, brilliant, badass queens to dissect an article about gaslighting? You get THE SLICERS. Road to Relovery is proud to introduce #TheSlicers, here to break down and analyze a theory. This week, we’re looking at Forgiveness v… Continue Reading “To Forgive or To Gaslight”

You Worry Bout Yo’self

Road to Relovery Self Care

 Self care; what is it and how do we do it right?✨Guest Tea Sefer from Breathe with Tea joins me this episode to give us all some self-care clarity. Follow guest Tea Sefer at @breathewithtea and host Octavia on IG @octaviaaivatco and @roadtorelovery ; on Facebook… Continue Reading “You Worry Bout Yo’self”