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Gossip Gossip Should We Just Stop It?

Boss Mode Tori Clark and Dana Galindo

Hosts Dana and Tori spill the T about the term “gossip” and why we feel the need to talk about others?! Is it in our DNA or is it a tool to be mastered for the good of humanity? Let’s find out.  Follow the… Continue Reading “Gossip Gossip Should We Just Stop It?”

The Gift of Apology

Boss Mode Tori Clark and Dana Galindo

Our Hosts explore one of their favorite podcaster’s insights into apologizing and what it really means to make a sincere apology. Follow the hosts on IG: @bossmodeinitiated_; @toriclark_bossmode; @danajoy_xo  https://tavindamedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/14-Is-it-Too-late-To-Say-Sorry_-.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSS

To Forgive or To Gaslight

To Forgive or To Gaslight Road to Relovery The Slicers

What happens when you get a group of fierce, brilliant, badass queens to dissect an article about gaslighting? You get THE SLICERS. Road to Relovery is proud to introduce #TheSlicers, here to break down and analyze a theory. This week, we’re looking at Forgiveness v… Continue Reading “To Forgive or To Gaslight”

Top Ten Lies We Tell Ourselves PART 1

tavinda media stalled

On this episode of Stalled, Nan and Octavia list the top ten lies we tell ourselves as authors — creatives types of all kinds know about that negative internal voice that often makes you question your passion and purpose. This week, the two authors… Continue Reading “Top Ten Lies We Tell Ourselves PART 1”

Episode 8: So Many Teeth

stalled episode 8 tavinda media podcasts

This week, Nan steps into the sister-therapist role and talks Octavia out of a terrible case of fear and self-doubt over her biblical fiction novel concept. The two discuss the triggers behind writer’s block, and the boldness in storytelling, especially within the context of… Continue Reading “Episode 8: So Many Teeth”