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Small Business: A Coffee Community

Boss Mode Tori Clark and Dana Galindo

Our hosts speak with Melissa Villanueva, (@brewpointcoffee) Owner and CEO of Brewpoint Coffee in Elmhurst, Illinois and author of Starting and Running a Coffee Shop. Melissa explains how the idea of a small business coffee shop can help shape our world for the better and…

Loving the Process

Boss Mode Tori Clark and Dana Galindo

Our hosts dive into Dana’s Blog, TheFinanceBabe.com, and Dana’s discovery of falling in love with the process. Tori and Dana discuss what it takes to reach a goal and why it can seem to be so hard… maybe its not as daunting as we…

Leadership Styles That Work

Boss Mode Tori Clark and Dana Galindo

The hosts talk about their ideas of what leadership is and what styles are out there right now. They discover which ones work best for them and which one works best for different jobs. Which one will you pick? IG: bossmodeinitiated_; toriclark_bossmode; danajoy_xo https://tavindamedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/5-Leadership-Styles-That-Work.mp3Podcast: Play in new…

Sticking to It with Ellisia C.

Boss Mode Tori Clark and Dana Galindo

In this episode our hosts go over routines and value added items with Ellisia C., a professional bikini competition participant. Ellisia explains why she has such a dedicated routine and why it’s important to set a goal and accomplish it!  Follow the hosts on…

Tribe Time

Boss Mode Tori Clark and Dana Galindo

Hosts Dana and Tori talk about creating a tribe and how keeping people with purpose in your cabinet can help you all excel forward! Does it really take a village!? IG: bossmodeinitiated_ ; victoribellecosplay ; danajoy_xo  https://tavindamedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/BMI-Tribe.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

Mentoring Mindset

Boss Mode Tori Clark and Dana Galindo

Hosts Dana and Tori interview Life Coach Ali DeVries, a certified coach for the U.S. Air Force and Tori’s personal coach! They converse about the mentor mindset, how to find your true superpower and reflect on their personal ‘whys’ for Boss Mode!  IG: bossmodeinitiated_…

What is Boss Mode and why should I Initiate this?

Boss Mode: Initiated is a podcast with hosts Tori Clark and Dana Galindo. This self help talk follows the adventures of two best friends deciding to turn on Boss Mode and inevitably turn their lives around for the better. Tori is a director, actress…

Kitschens (and Bad Books)

Stalled podcast tavinda media

This episode, the authors Nan and Octavia talk about those endearing childhood books that actually have terrible lessons, morals and themes. Plus, they talk about making a kitchy movie about kitten parties. Ok, they’re not really going to do that, but it’s a funny…

The Octavian Theorem

Stalled Tavinda Media

When Nan & Octavia unpack the origins of an unanticipated rift in their relationship, the only rationale is The Octavian Theorem. The authors spend this episode dissecting the pros and cons of digital and virtual writer’s groups in the limitless world of social media…

There’s Something About Mickey

stalled s2e9

In what might be the most hysterical episode yet, Nan and Octavia review the past year and how their unique definitions of success and achievement have evolved. While reviewing some major accomplishments and lessons learned, they get a surprise visit from the one and…