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The Lies We Tell Ourselves PART 2

tavinda media lies stalled

Nan and Octavia return to finish the list the top ten of lies we tell ourselves as authors — creatives types of all kinds know about that negative internal voice that often makes you question your passion and purpose. This week, the two authors…

The Standard of Mattering Part 2 — Three Weeks Later

Stalled Podcast Tavinda Media S2E4

On this second representation episode, Nan and Octavia dive into a conversation about women and LGBTQ folks in media. They discuss the Bechdel Test, and come clean about books and movies they love that don’t make the Bechdel cut. Nan gets vulnerable about the…

Get some business and mind it (Part 2)

Stalled Podcast Tavinda Media S2E1.2

Nan and Octavia pick up where they left off in Part 1 with their list of Top Ten things to love to hate about haters. It’s ok to read that sentence again if you need to. The show is condensed for you, but enjoy…

Get Some Business and Mind It (Part 1)

Stalled Podcast Tavinda Media S2E1.1

Nan and Octavia ARE BACK, PEACHES! We’re back at it with a killer Top 10 list where we not only throw shade at all our haters, but we actually spend about two hours talking about them. No really, it’s not just whining. How to…

Season 1 Finale – Part 2

Stalled podcast season 1 finale

Finale’s finale! The aspiring full-time authors pulled their brains together — mostly — to complete their other Top Ten list: Top Ten Goals for 2019. Stalled has always valued goals and Nan and Octavia use goals to help push along their careers as well…

Season 1 Finale – Part 1

Stalled podcast season 1 finale

Nan and Octavia throw so many things in your face this episode, but most importantly, they deliver the best Top Ten list of 2018: Their Top Ten Wins in 2018. There were significant gains and meaningful learns, and for this hour, the two authors…

Episode 10: Worldwind

Stalled Podcast Tavinda Media

We can finally talk about the thing we couldn’t talk about!

2018 NaNo Chronicles: Day 28

2018 NaNo Day 28 Tavinda Media

Nan and Octavia come clean about a rough weeks 2 & 3 and how this November has been a real big fat stinkin doozy of a month. There’s seasonal/holiday depression, over-scheduling, slippery slopes of busyness, day jobs, and so so so many children! BUT…

2018 NaNo Chronicles: Day 15

2018 NaNo Day 15 Tavinda Media

November the 15th is officially DAY ONE of WEEK THREE. How are we past the hump already? Nan and Octavia reflect on a rough WEEK TWO and remind each other to be gentle with yourself and your goals. And also, they’re both behind but…

2018 NaNo Chronicles: Day 8

2018 NaNo Day 8 Stalled Tavinda

Nan and Octavia reflect on some heaviness over the last few days, and how life’s responsibilities can interfere with the artists’ visions!   REAL TALK THO AMIRITE CREATIVES CANNIGETTA AMEN. And a big shoutout to all the incredible Firsts in office, thanks to voters…