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Nan & Octavia get vulnerable about the recurring fear and self-doubt in writing and surprise each other with a new challenge.

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Sweet Grapes

Stalled podcast episode 1

In the pilot episode of Stalled., Nan and Octavia introduce the inspiration for the Stalled., share their current writing projects and recent milestones, and remind each other — and listeners — that the process doesn’t have to be fast for you to be successful.


Dear Perfectionists… — Octavia Reese

I’m fortunate to belong to a sister-fren-hood of writers. We are each other’s go-to idea banks for all-hours sounding boards; ever-ready moralers for milestone celebrations and we are reality-checks for middle-of-the-night visits from The Ghost of Low Self-Esteem and her evil hench-spirit, The You’re Not Good Enough Imp. I was just talking to my sister […]

via Dear Perfectionists… — Octavia Reese


Stalled start

Well, what can we expect besides everything being complicated and nothing being simple? That’s basically the premise of the show anyway!

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Stalled Season 1 Teaser


Meet Nan and Octavia. They’re two published authors. And they aspire to become NYT best-selling authors. This is their rocky, twisty, indirect, overgrown obstacle course to get there. They haven’t made it yet, but they will. Follow them on their quest to the top.

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Introducing… US!

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Tavinda Media is a network of authors and podcasters.

We’re passionate analysts, wannabe best-selling authors, quasi-foodies, master imaginers, insomniac crafters, powerful dreamers, strong warriors and loving nurturers creating artellectual stimutainment.

We’re razing tedium one story at a time.

Reading stories, writing stories, listening to stories and talking about stories are among the beautiful things in this world that bring me great joy. I created Tavinda Media to hotel real and imagined characters and their…our…adventures. Reach out with your story, new idea or a helpful suggestion. I’d love to hear from you.

Octavia Reese, Founder



Our shows are real enough for you and [mostly] clean enough for kids. Look for Tavinda Media productions wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

Stalledstalled the podcast tavinda media
The life and times of two wannabe best-selling authors

TFW you’re at the bottom of that mountain and everyday is an uphill climb, teetering on cliffs of quitting, dodging avalanches of self-doubt and then scrambling to find refuge from the unexpected deluge of rejection letters… yeah, this is that.

Octavia Reese and Nan Higgins are both published authors eagerly working towards a life made through creating best-sellers…or something close to it.

Join them on their adventure to a life made in creative writing. They’re unedited and kinda funny.

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Unearthing the thoughts we can’t control

Visions manifest in the subconscious. Are they messages from beyond to help us or warn us or just memories and fears implanted by life? Dreams and their interpretations used to change history, but this supernatural art has been forgotten…or has it?

Your host Octavia Reese takes you on a journey from the pages of ancient records and into the strangest corners of the mind.

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FML: fork my life
Digesting wisdom at the table

FML the podcast applies culinary arts to life. Your hosts Octavia, Darla and Sakeena interview chefs and restaurant owners for a taste of their best dishes — a main course of philosophy and maybe a moral or two for dessert.

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The Hibouleans Vol 1 & 2
the hibouleans octavia reese tavinda media
Fourteen-year-old Taryn doesn’t have a social life to be slain in walled-off forgotten Detroit. Plagued with a strange rash and haunted by dreams of her late mother, Taryn avoids closeness with people as much as possible. But when her grandmother goes missing, Taryn finds herself in the middle of a cyclone of deception and she is suddenly racing against the clock to save the Hibouleans, terrifying shapeshifting relatives she never knew she had. Utilizing both scientific and fine arts savvy to decode cryptic clues and uncover secrets hidden within ancient magnetic stones, Taryn must access a priceless treasure and protect it – with her life. Along with newfound purpose, confidence, her best friend and, awkwardly, her longtime crush, Taryn embarks on an adventure, that transforms not only her inner narrative, but reshapes history for her people.

Catch up on the adventure on Amazon.com.

The Hibouleans Vol 3

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Everyone starts somewhere, and we’re here — right at ground zero. In order for us to continue creating awesome content for you, we need some help. Visit the link below to become a patron. Your monthly pledge — even just a dollar — will help us afford top quality equipment, editing talent, operating costs, and snacks. Hey, we can’t write on an empty stomach and passion alone doesn’t keep the lights on. Thank you!!

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Stalled and Happy

Ok, so Nan and I just recorded our first episode of Stalled last night and it was AMAZING. We have so much to talk about and share — it’s unedited and unscripted and all sorts of vulnerable real talk beauty. I was worried at first about how to fill an entire show – but an hour passes pretty quickly when you’re chatting about something you love with someone you love. We just decided to record the thing we already do anyway. Ha!

BUT we’re not releasing anything yet until next week! So stay tuned… check out more about this show on the podcasts page.


The Journey Begins

octavia reese tavinda media authentic adventure co

This is my first blog post on my




[insert my own dropped jaw here]

This title was the default place holder, but it seemed so fitting, I’m just going to leave it. More — so so so much more — to come!

P.S. Why am I starting with a picture of my family? Because I’m doing this for them — and for me — they deserve to have the real me, happy, healthy and honest. I deserve to be my truest and best self. And we deserve to thrive together.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

octavia reese authentic adventure co motherhood