Butts, Farts & Raising Boys

Octavia Reese Road to Relovery Podcast Tavinda Media

People are constantly complimenting the behavior and general presence of my children. So it’s time to release my secret sauce. In this episode, I break down my parenting techniques. TLDR: I give my kids room to exist & I invite them to cooperate.

I affirm their reasoning & make them feel secure.

I write my shows ahead of time to read and reference live, then clean them up for the blog article, and then publish the audio as a podcast…

In this episode, I wasn’t prepared to:
• realize this episode is basically the outline of what should be a parenting handbook
• process out loud the pain around being a single parent — my kids don’t need a stepdad; I don’t need help — I simply wish my boys could see someone love and cherish their mom
• hear how many of you — and me, too — wished we had someone like me as a parent growing up. I hear that and receive that and it’s truly the most incredible compliment I’ve ever had

I was unfiltered and a little embarrassed to be so weepy. But if my raw vulnerability can help inspire your healing, I’ll do it over and over and over again.

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