The Lies We Tell Ourselves PART 2

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Nan and Octavia return to finish the list the top ten of lies we tell ourselves as authors — creatives types of all kinds know about that negative internal voice that often makes you question your passion and purpose. This week, the two authors delve into those and name those demons. As usual, the ladies are a bit chatty, so we’re breaking this up into two shows. Here’s the conclusion:

  1. You don’t have the right kind of education to be a writer.
  2. It doesn’t make sense! The fear of Plot Holes.
  3. Your work doesn’t appeal to enough people.
  4. I’m not marketable or likable — what if I’m doing all this work and nobody likes it?
  5. You’re not hot enough to be marketable
  6. Unintentional Plagiarism
  7. Your work doesn’t fit well enough into a specific genre
  8. Failure: Fear that I’m a One Hit Wonder; Fear of phantom intentions… (00:07)
  9. You’re too far behind. You’ll never catch up. (8:08)
  10. It’s easier to quit. (16:08)

We’ll be back next time with a show about where we get our story ideas! Stay tuned, stay encouraged, and HAPPY WRITING!

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