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Kitschens (and Bad Books)

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This episode, the authors Nan and Octavia talk about those endearing childhood books that actually have terrible lessons, morals and themes. Plus, they talk about making a kitchy movie about kitten parties. Ok, they’re not really going to do that, but it’s a funny… Continue Reading “Kitschens (and Bad Books)”

The Octavian Theorem

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When Nan & Octavia unpack the origins of an unanticipated rift in their relationship, the only rationale is The Octavian Theorem. The authors spend this episode dissecting the pros and cons of digital and virtual writer’s groups in the limitless world of social media… Continue Reading “The Octavian Theorem”

There’s Something About Mickey

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In what might be the most hysterical episode yet, Nan and Octavia review the past year and how their unique definitions of success and achievement have evolved. While reviewing some major accomplishments and lessons learned, they get a surprise visit from the one and… Continue Reading “There’s Something About Mickey”

It’s Super Us OR The Shortest Episode Ever

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In this episode, Nan and Octavia divulge where their book ideas come from!  Also, here’s a tip: if you’re waiting on some bolt of lightening to tell you what your next book idea is, don’t wait! Make your own lightening! We’ll be back next… Continue Reading “It’s Super Us OR The Shortest Episode Ever”

The Lies We Tell Ourselves PART 2

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Nan and Octavia return to finish the list the top ten of lies we tell ourselves as authors — creatives types of all kinds know about that negative internal voice that often makes you question your passion and purpose. This week, the two authors… Continue Reading “The Lies We Tell Ourselves PART 2”

Get some business and mind it (Part 2)

Stalled Podcast Tavinda Media S2E1.2

Nan and Octavia pick up where they left off in Part 1 with their list of Top Ten things to love to hate about haters. It’s ok to read that sentence again if you need to. The show is condensed for you, but enjoy… Continue Reading “Get some business and mind it (Part 2)”

Get Some Business and Mind It (Part 1)

Stalled Podcast Tavinda Media S2E1.1

Nan and Octavia ARE BACK, PEACHES! We’re back at it with a killer Top 10 list where we not only throw shade at all our haters, but we actually spend about two hours talking about them. No really, it’s not just whining. How to… Continue Reading “Get Some Business and Mind It (Part 1)”

Episode 8: So Many Teeth

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This week, Nan steps into the sister-therapist role and talks Octavia out of a terrible case of fear and self-doubt over her biblical fiction novel concept. The two discuss the triggers behind writer’s block, and the boldness in storytelling, especially within the context of… Continue Reading “Episode 8: So Many Teeth”

Episode 5: Little Girls with Big Dreams

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Nan and Octavia bypass the traditional show and comment on the Supreme Court nomination hearings and the heaviness in our country around the rampant invisibility and disposability of women — especially within the American government. We see you. We hear you. We believe you. We are… Continue Reading “Episode 5: Little Girls with Big Dreams”

Episode 4: Collective Son Son

This week feels like two great shows in one — the first 30 minutes is a road trip of weekly goals; the second 30 minutes is a true talk corner about radically loving yourself, being an intentional friend and making it through the tough… Continue Reading “Episode 4: Collective Son Son”